***Shooting Summer 2021***

Rose, Catherine and Addie Scott live their lives, locked away in the attic of their mother’s house. They stay hidden away to protect themselves from a monster that lurks outside. When the monster finds its way in, the sisters must escape from their self imprisonment.

Dolls in the Attic is an intense, atmospheric and creepy story, that has themes of isolation, the dangers that women have and bi-polar disorder.

***In Development***

Emma leaves home to start university, a place where she can learn about herself and about other people. While she struggles with fitting in she develops a new friendship with Chloe. The girls’ relationship gets deeper and darker, until one day they decide to form the ultimate bond and live their mutual fantasy formed in violent, bloody murder.

Genesis Victim is a dark, psychological, gore filled horror/thriller, that deals with themes of normality, intrusive thoughts and OCD.


Horror-on-Sea selection 2019

With the shock death of the friend, a group of childhood friends decide to hold a wake in the woods they used to visit as teenagers. Haunted by memories and fuelled by drink and drugs, strange things are seen and weird things start to happen. When two of them are found dead they decide to leave, but will the ghosts let them?

We Wait in the Woods is a haunting/slasher film that has themes of grief and suicide.