Investing in independent films provides a great opportunity to finance interesting creative projects, and is now open to almost everyone.

Film projects also benefit from support from the Government, bringing forward new talent through significant tax incentives for investors.

Become an Executive Producer:

  • Pro-rata stake in all net profits (above costs) on all mediums in all regions for the lifetime sales of the film and related merchandise.
  • A personalised named credit (for a company or individual) as Associate Producer on the credits for the film.
  • An generated credit to the same effect.
  • 2 premiere tickets for the premiere launch party – attended by the stars.
  • Regular updates on the film’s progress and exclusive access to material pre-release. An advance copy of the DVD prior to the broadcast.



* Your investment stake is returned before the pro rata royalty becomes payable, ensuring that the contributors to the film have their investment returned in the first instance.

** The production management are raising finance for the film by distributing 50% of the profit revenue stakes for the film – whilst the remaining 50% is spread between the attached talent and producers of the film.

*** Revenue is defined as any revenue relating to the film or associated merchandise for the lifetime sale of the products in all regions.